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Galeria Bezdomna/Homeless Gallery

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Is there any charge or costs to exhibit in the Galeria Bezdomna?

Absolutely none, save for the costs incurred by you to make and present the work.

I am a painter. Can I hang my paintings in the Galeria Bezdomna?

Sorry - Galeria Bezdomna is a photography gallery, but if you are an artist who works in photo based media, your works are more than welcome.

Is the Galeria Bezdomna just an exhibition or are works able to be sold?

You are welcome to offer your work for sale, although not in the sense of putting price tags on the work. You will be able to display your business card with your works. If a visitor is interested in purchasing a particular work they will be asked to contact the artist directly, who will negotiate any sale. If you sell work there is no commission taken by the Galeria Bezdomna.

I would like to participate, but I am worried that my works may be stolen or damaged.

Insurance of works is the sole responsibility of the artist. If you are worried about such issues, or your work is extremely valuable then Galeria Bezdomna is probably not the exhibition space for you.

Who will hang my work?

You will. A condition of being part of the Homeless gallery is that you must come along on hanging day, Saturday September 5th between the hours of 9 am - 4 pm, armed with everything you need to display your works - blu tac, ladder, wire etc. etc. If there are entries from overseas or interstate you may be asked to assist by hanging them along with your own work.

Who will take my work down and return it to me?

You will. Once again it is a condition of being part of the Galeria Bezdomna that you take responsibility for your own work. Works can only be removed within a specific period after the close of the exhibition.

My work is more installation based than something that hangs on a wall.

Terrific. We encourage interesting and unconventional ways of presenting photography, but be aware that the dimensions of a railway carriage limit the potential for installations.

Can I reserve a space? I may not be able to get there first thing to hang my work.

Sorry. No reservations. - first in best dressed

I may not be able to make it on the day to hang my works. can I send someone in my place to do it?

Yes you may. But you will have to also send a completed indemnity form [available from the downloads page]

How many works can I exhibit? and is there any limit on size or subject matter?

As a general rule there are no restrictions, and as for quantities, the Galeria Bezdomna operates out of a mutual respect and consideration to fellow photographers - as for content - we leave it up to the artists to use their own discretion and common sense.

I was thinking about having a stand, with staff handing out promotional materials etc. Is that permitted?

Galeria Bezdomna is an exhibition - not a trade show. So no, all you can exhibit are your photographic works. No signage, credit card facilities, promotional give-aways etc. etc. except for a business card size label are permitted

My photographs are fairly commercial ! Won't they look a bit out of place in an art gallery?

Absolutely not. We encourage work from all the photographic genres.... from fine art to slick commercial, .....from photojournalism to scientific...... from wedding to happy snap....., landscapes, portraits, alternative processes, digital....... and all kinds of output media. Our aim is to have the broadest possible representation of photography exhibited at the Galeria Bezdomna

I'm only an amateur / student / beginner. I've never shown my work before. Won't I be out of my league with all these established photographers?

Absolutely not. In fact the Galeria Bezdomna is made for you. here's your big chance to show the world what you've so far only been able to show your friends or your family because you couldn't afford to put your work in a commercial gallery. Or you don't have enough work for a solo show. Or you're not sure that your work would make it past the vetting panel in a group show. Our aim is to have the most diverse range of participants that we can possibly gather together.

How long does the Galeria Bezdomna run for?

Usually somewhere between 4 to 14 days, depending on a whole range of factors. Galeria Bezdomna @ BIFB'09 will run from Sept 5th to October 4th

Where is Galeria Bezdomna held? and when?

There is no set timetable. The Galeria Bezdomna operates without funds, so we are dependent on a benefactor allowing us use of a suitable space without strings attached, and people who are willing to give their time and energy to stage and edition. Since the first edition in Warsaw in 2002 there have been around 70 editions of the Gallery around the world, of which 7 editions have been staged in Australia.

Apart from the exhibitors and their close friends, who is going to visit the Galeria Bezdomna?

This edition of the Galeria Bezdomna is listed in the official program of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale. It is expected that more than 40,000 visitors will visit Ballarat for the festival.

What do I need to do to participate in the Galeria Bezdomna?

Firstly, get your name on the mailing list so we can get an idea of the potential number of participants. via the register page on the website. Start thinking about what you want to exhibit and get the work ready. Bring your work along on hanging day, fill in the indemnity form and you're in.

Sounds like it's a whole lot of fun. How can I get more involved than just being an exhibitor?

Send us an email. If you have any particular organizational, administrative or practical skills, let us know. Many hands make light work.. Or if you are ridiculously wealthy and would like to be our benefactor we would love to hear from you. And spread the word. The Galeria Bezdomna has no formal structure, just a few keen individuals around the world with an egalitarian view of the potential for artist co operation. If you would like to organise an edition of the Galeria Bezdomna in your home town/city, send us an email ; and we can give you support with our experience.

The opening party sounds like fun. Who's paying for it?

You are. It is expected that as an exhibitor you will attend both the opening and closing parties. You have to be there anyhow to put up and take down your work. You are welcome to invite your own guests to both parties and hopefully you will cater for them in terms of both food and drink.

click on the link below to visit the Polish Galeria Bezdomna website where you will find a comprehensive listing of details of each of the 50 editions of the gallery to date

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